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    Cool Mercenaries

    Ok.... Topic very very interesting to me...

    Give me some info about the mercenaries from Medieval Europe.... I mean, about troops, history, who hired them...

    Also, if you can, will you please give me some links to find out morE???

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    Default Re: Mercenaries

    Wiki: Mercenaries

    Varangian Guard site (Posted by some other member on these boards in another thread. Can't recall whom and which thread)

    Swiss Guards

    Condottieri. The leaders of mercenaries in Italy


    Catalan Company

    Otherwise, from what I've read many medieval kingdoms hired mercenaries, but the most prominent are probably Byzantium, Italian city-states & the taifa kingdoms of Al-Andalus.
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    Default Re: Mercenaries

    Flemish mercenaries were also quite popular with western European kings in the early middle ages.
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