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Thread: A new mask for RTW-EB mod

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    Default A new mask for RTW-EB mod

    I don't know if this has been suggested before, but I would like the EB-mod team to edit a new mask for the game to put in the CD box as a substitution of the official Creative Assembly mask .
    For those who are spanish or catalan speakers, I couldn't find any other word rather than "mask" to translate "carátula". Is that OK? Any ideas ?

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    Default Re: A new mask for RTW-EB mod

    By "carátula", I assume you mean "map", not mask.
    As for your question... I guess the EB team could potentially make some sort of large printable picture of the map and post it on the EB website. It wouldn't be like the one in the box, though.

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    Default Re: A new mask for RTW-EB mod

    Using the great babel fish.... It says that carátula is title page in english. I do believe, if this is the is indeed what your asking about, that EB will have all new title pages when the game is loading.
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    Default Re: A new mask for RTW-EB mod

    Perhaps he is talking about the literal cover of RTW, the little flappy piece of paper on the cover of the cd case. I guess symbolizing how much greater EB will be compared to RTW or something...

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    Default Re: A new mask for RTW-EB mod

    I'm Spanish. He wants a new cover for the DVD-case where the original retail game CDs come.

    I guess you want to burn a CD with the mod and include it in the box.
    Mmmmm, a nice creative idea. If nobody does it, I may do something... after EB is released.


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