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Thread: Question adout winning Conditions

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    Default Question adout winning Conditions

    Dose anyone know how we can change the winning conditions from 50 to lets say 60 or 70.

    If this was covered before i am truly sorry

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    If you capture 50 settlements and Rome, then the victory message will appear. I'm afraid that's hardcoded. CA have released information that says they will be changing this in the expansion pack.
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    Default Re: Question adout winning Conditions

    You can effectively change the city from Rome, however, by renaming the city {Rome} in text\imperial_campaign_regions_and_settlement_names.txt to whatever you want the city to be (say, Rhodes), then calling the city "Rome" in all the other text files. In the game, it'll show up as whatever you put in ICRSN.txt.

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