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    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    The Lordz seek for some more people who would like to work with us on our current and future projects.
    We look for motivated people that want to invest time to recreate the epic Napoleonic age.
    We primary look for people with modelling,skinning, and animating qualities and/or people with artistic and drawing capabilities.
    An interest and knowledge in the Napoleonic age is a plus but not a requirement.

    -For modeling and texturing: knowledge of Max or Maya and Photoshop(or other package with similiar modeling and texturing capabilites).
    -For animation: knowledge of Max and understanding of motion principles.
    -For artwork: knowledge of Photoshop(or other package with similiar capabilities)

    If you are interested, please provide some samples that demonstrate understanding of the human (or animal) form and texturing and/or animation.

    If you are interested send an email to:

    Kind regards,

    The Lordz

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    We had some great applications, thanks your for the interests, and we still have vacancies.



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