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Thread: Quick question about screenshots!

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    Default Quick question about screenshots!

    Don't know if this topic belongs here but...
    My screenshots in the tgas-folder are completely black. Anyone know what the problem is?
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    Default Re: Quick question about screenshots!

    Screenshots will turn out black with aa [anti ailising] on.

    Disable it or use an independant program such as fraps
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    Default Re: Quick question about screenshots!


    Or, do as Vanya does!

    Just the other day, Vanya launched a massive raid across the fence into the neighbor's "evil empire". As their children, er, army of evildoers, bathed in the sun and relaxed sipping kool-aid... or was it sangria? Anyways, Vanya attacked catching them offguard. The bulwark of their army was driven back into their kitchen after a short, but hearty melee. With the pie about ready, the commanders abandoned their men on the front, and Vanya ran off with many young captives.

    Then, Vanya selected the freshest maidens and had them do artist's renditions of screenshots as Vanya plays. Its kinda like those drawings made during court proceedings, only much better because they are done with the exasperating hope they will one day live to see their mammas again if they drawing is to Vanya's liking (which it never is 'cause Vanya would never intentionally release captives!).

    The best screen artistry is then scanned into the PC and burned onto DVD for posterity. Some of the better DVDs are then archived in a time capsule so that future generations can bask in the artistic glory of Vanya laying waste to the lands He deemed ripe for the plucking at the time.

    Vanya sometimes looks back at older renditions of His past campaigns of carnage with nostalgia. Youz cut heads off now, but with all them ginsu blades and laser-etched and sharpenned gadgets its just not the same anymore. In the old days, cutting off heads was as much an art as it was technical. GAH! The good ole days...!

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    Default Re: Quick question about screenshots!

    just go and download the and get their program. It allow you to take picture and view them, if you don't have it then you must have something like photoshop in order to see them
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    Default Re: Quick question about screenshots!

    IrFanView is a nice little free program that is nice for image viewing.


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