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    1.A quick question what are the skinners using to work on the TGA and the rest of the files.
    2. Do the modellers use something different for what they do. I very green and want to learn more to create my idea for a MOD. Your help would be great. Thanks

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    1. Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro
    2. Yes, modellers need to use a programme called 3DS Max 5 or above. It's very time-consuming to learn how to use and very expensive.
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    Modellers can also model in a free program called g-max but this is also very time consuming to learn. Also if you model a unit in g-max you will need to send the file to someone with 3ds max as g-max will not export the cas files. If anyone needs conversions doing from .max to .cas I am happy to help, just pm me.

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