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    How do i give units to other factions..i know there are tutorials on it but some how it didn't help so could someone tell me or show..

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    This is not as simple as it sounds....

    Each unit is defined in several places. Ultimately, it is assigned to a particular faction in amongst the basic stats that define it's combat skills etc.

    There is also a descr_buildings text file which defines what units can be built from what buildings. These also have a faction link.

    So... if you wanted to make, say, Hastatii buildable by Gaul, you would need to:

    1) Make a new unit ( Gaul_Hastatii for example... ) using an exact copy of hte Hastatii entries, but with faction name Gauls rather than Julii etc.
    2) Check this unit works by running a custom battle and seeing if a hastatii type is shown as an option.
    3) Once you have updated all 4 of hte text files that need updatimg when you add a new unit, you must make it buildable. Open up buildingd_descr and edit the various levels of barracks to include gaul hastatii.

    As far as I am aware, there are simple tutorials for all of the steps above on the tutorial forum. Follow them CAREFULLY and post any problems you are getting. Add -show_err to your RTW shortcut, and you should get soime idea why things are not working. Also.... if you get stuck, post copies of th ebits you have added to your text files and we can have a look and spot the problem
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    example-i make a texture called Gaul_infantryman(hastati) then save it to the model_unit/texture

    would i still have to paste the new format Gaul_infantryman.tga under roman hastati julii still in the model_battle txt still?

    what would i do after this so it would up on the section list for the gauls..?

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    So say a unit fails to show up in the custom battle loading screen? What might be the problem? While I'm at it what dictates what units show up in custom battles, other than faction assignments?
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    The units which show up in custom battles for each faction is solely determined by the ownership line in the unit's entry in export_descr_unit.
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    Default Re: unit question

    Unless it has no_custom as an attribute.


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