There's this thread in the official forum which gave me this idea. The guy who posted it was disappointed that there's no campaign editor in the expansion pack. There's only an editor for the battle maps, but not for the full campaign map.

I do know that the developers have never committed to delivering a campaign editor. But having something like that would really add to replayability of the game. There is something like that in Axis & Allies (a popular board game, but unfortunately not a popular computer game).

So, I'm wondering whether it's possible for someone to crack the campaign files of STW and thus create an editor for it. I have the impression that people were able to do that with the maps. That's why we already have so many fan-created maps even before the map editor is here. It would be great if someone can crack the campaign files (.CPG files, I think) and write a campaign editor. Any of you guru programmers out there willing to take this challenge? :-)