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Thread: Absolute start/end dates?

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    Default Absolute start/end dates?

    Are there any absolute dates when it comes to when the imp.campaign can start/end? I mean, can you e.g. have the game start at 1,000 BC and end at 1,000 AD?
    (No, don't worry, I don't care much for anachronisms so I'm obviously not planning to use those dates, I was just wondering if it would be technically p o s s i b l e )

    Anyone knows?
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    Default Re: Absolute start/end dates?

    You can easily test the start date... the problem is the end date. Ssorry for being so obvious! But I can’t help you more… I don’t kwon if anyone tested… you can test starting on 1000 AD, or 2000 AD and if it runs…
    There are a Renascence mod, and a Zulu war mod, maybe they have already tried it…
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    Default Re: Absolute start/end dates?

    Well you can theoretically test the end date and start date at once. Set the start date to something stupidly high, then set then end date one year higher. If the game doesn't start, I assume you've reached the limit for the start date. And if it works, and the game ends after 2 turns, then you still have more years to add to reach the end date. Possibly you have to specify a campaign that lasts more than 1 year though.
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