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Thread: Generals not gaining experience.

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    Default Generals not gaining experience.

    I had a problem with Generals not gaining Command Stars.

    I have patch 1.2. I have installed (and had this problem) with BugfixerRTWafter 1.2 and with Bugfixer 1.55. I have also installed Patriot's all advanced faction mod.

    I am playing Armenians, but I have also experienced this problem when I played Brutii.

    My generals fight and fight. They do not gain command stars. I have quite a few fearless generals, with skills GAINED in good attacker, brave, and a few others, but we NEVER gain command points.

    I thought this was an anomaly. I decided to experiment, I changed some of my EXPORT_DESCR_CHARACTER_TRAITS to the following:
    Trigger V0090_Standard_Battle_Any_Victory_VnV_Trigger
    WhenToTest PostBattle

    Condition IsGeneral
    and WonBattle
    and BattleOdds < 2.25
    and not Trait Bug = 1

    Affects GoodCommander 1 Chance 5
    And then I played a bit more...I figured that 1 in 5 would give me more than 1 in 100, much more frequently. I played a few more hours...

    NOTHING. No "Good Commander" points. Zero. I have one 30ish character with maxed out BRAVE, and not ONE command star.

    I reinstalled, I deleted all remaining files within the activision directory, then applied Patch 1.2, Bugfixer, and AllFaction mod.

    Problem still exists.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    One other problem that I've noticed...At the end of the turn faction summary, the only thing reported is Births, Coming of age, and acquiring retainers, never skills changing by my generals/governors.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Generals not gaining experience.

    It's been a while since I edited the Traits file but from what I gather, you've got yourself a bit mixed up there.

    The line: Affects GoodCommander 1 Chance 5

    Doesn't mean you have a 1 in 5 chance of obtaining the GoodCommander trait. It's actually worse than the default setting!

    Each trait has several levels, and each level has a numbered threshold that must be met until the trait can increase level. What 'Affects GoodCommander 1' means, is the GoodCommander trait will increase +1 towards the threshold for the next level. 'Chance 5' means there is a 5% chance of that happening. The default setting is 100% for the particular trigger you changed, so you've actually made it a whole lot harder to gain a command star through that particular method.

    I suggest you revert to the default settings for any triggers and traits you've changed and not understood how they work, and then perservere in the game. You will gain command stars, but it's easiest to gain them by making sure you are outnumbered.

    As to the game not reporting changes to your general's skills at the start of the turn, it only tends to report such changes at the very beginning of the campaign, or when you have very few generals and few if any other events that turn. Nothing to worry about there.
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    Default Re: Generals not gaining experience.

    Thanks for straightening me out on this: I did indeed think that I had a "one in 5" chance.

    However, I did play for a few hours with the setting at 1 / 100, and still got no command stars.

    I will try again, though, and make darned sure that I wasn't being a total idiot.

    I appreciate your help, immensely.


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