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    i'm just a beginner and so i have a lot of questions but for now i only want to find out 2 things:
    - how do i make amphibious attacks?i know frostbeastegg said to look it up in the manual but apparently i dont have the manual
    - i dont have acces to my computer right now and i'm very curious if using ".badgerbunny." lets u train crusaders also.
    i would really appreciate the help as i really find mtw amazing and i'm trying to learn every aspect of this game.

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    Well, in order to do amphibious attacks you need to have a port and an uninterrupted chain of ships to the enemy coast.
    Note that enemy ships will interrupt your shipping lane so you'll have to remove any enemy blockades.

    About .badgerbunny. i don't know, the only cheat i ever used is .unfreeze.
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    .badgerbunny. only allows you to use the units your faction is able to produce. Example: if your are playing the English you will not be able to recruit any Varangian Guards even if you have built all the buildings needed to produce them normally. You can't even retrain units, so if you have only a few Templar Knights left, you can't build them up to their original size.
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    As i have found using .badgerbunny. only allows you to see the units in the construction que. It does not produce them you need the create the buildings needed to create them still. .badgerbunny. is not a good cheat to use as it confuses you alot.
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