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Thread: 5 steps to become a SPAMMER

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    Default 5 steps to become a SPAMMER

    EMPEROR UMEU I presents Spamming for Dummies. if you're fast you'll get 10% discount on my book. get it at FORUM WEEDUS UMEUS

    step one. Put all the mods on the ignore list. this way they cant say you ignored their warning cuz you didnt saw it. and a good boy/girl like you would immediatly stop it you were told so, wouldn't you.

    step two. Quit school/work so you'll have enough time to spam.

    step three. THink about your spam very careful before posting. you want to enjoy your spam as long as possible

    step four. Open multiple .org windows at one time, so you can spam in 5-6 threads at the same time

    step five. Never Never get mad when people are calling you a spammer. You should be darn proud that your hard work has been noticed.

    than you. all it was wonderfull writing this book. get my signature at FWU.


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    Default Re: 5 steps to become a SPAMMER


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    Default Re: 5 steps to become a SPAMMER

    You know, all that was required was one step. Time for me to step in...

    Spamming for dummies! Revised edition.

    First step: Post stupid topics like this.

    The end.
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    Default Re: 5 steps to become a SPAMMER

    You know it's curious, step 1 of becoming a moderator is 'close threads like this'.
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