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Thread: Which mods go with which other mod?

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    Default Which mods go with which other mod?

    Ok, so I decided that the original out-of-the-box RTW was too historically inaccurate for a history buff like me. I downloaded the total realism mod - a total conversion - and it pleasantly surprised me. Question comes next:
    - What other *good, historically accurate mods* might go on top of it? Obviously, total conversions are out of question to stack on top of each other, but I am looking for extra units, more realistical stats e.t.c So far, most of the threads I am seeing are dedicated to one mod or another, how about combining stuff? Do you combine mods? What's your current setup?

    - A place that lists all the (known) RTW mods in existence with user ratings ...? Couldn't find one.


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    Default Re: Which mods go with which other mod?

    As far as I'm aware most experienced players - who don't play multiplayer - will have a customised set-up. Often an existing gameplay mod but with additional skins, models, new units and stat tweaks that they like.

    If you're looking for one mod that can simply be layered onto another mod then you would normally have to check to ensure that the two are not altering any of the same files. Alternatively, if you're prepared to make the alterations manually you could probably mish-mash any two mods together until you reach the hard-coded limits.

    You should be able to find reference to the majority of RTW mods in existence here, at twc, com or scc.
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    Default Re: Which mods go with which other mod?

    Generally total conversions are noncompatible. Probably the best thing to do in your case is start with a mod as the base and then manually edit it to your liking. That can be alot of work depending on how much you want to change. My advice is to wait until RTR 6.0 comes out (in a week or two) or until EB comes out. Both of those mods should be very accurate and much better than most mods available now.


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