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Thread: Earliest moment of recall

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    Default Earliest moment of recall

    Strange? Eh? Well, for me, I can remember my GrandDad switching my spoon from my left hand to my right .. when I was in a highchair and that I didn't want to eat "vegetable soup" (which was is the bowl).

    Sound odd? Well, at the time people believed that those that wrote with their "left" hand were mentally deficeint. So, if a child should have an inclination towards it, changing it was a good thing. Myths. Concern for your own, disrupting natural progragretion in the name of love. Altering their future, bettering their ...............

    Each reaction has an equal and ..............

    So, what do you remember? What may have changed your perception, anaytical ability(s), or altered your willingness to fall in line? [with the present metaphors]

    Another, I'm not sure of, is looking up from my crib. I think, I was looking up from my younger brothers - just to get the perspective of that possition. Something some people are still unwilling to try.

    So? Anyone recall their first "recall"?

    Being held up to see a cross burning?

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    Default Re: Earliest moment of recall

    Walking into the t.v. and slamming my head into the entertainment center at the age of 3 while the bengals and cowboy's were playing football on thanksgiving.
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    Default Re: Earliest moment of recall

    I can't quite put a finger on my earliest memory, I generally recall memory by visualization, so when I do remember something, I can actually see it. My EARLIEST memory that I can recall is I was in a dimly lighted room... the room had 2 windows in it. I don't remember where the windows were located exactley, but I was lying down on my stomach, probably in a crib. I didn't know anything, I was just staring at my mom who was sitting at table, doing something. And then darkness... thats my first recollection. I can also recollect little scattered thoughts, that have no real meaning to mea... no starting point and no meaningful end.

    My first REAL memory that I can actually put a finger on is my 2nd Birthday. I remember pretty much every visual detail of it. I knew exactly where I was, who some of the kids were, what I was doing, what I ate (cake of course ) and my present was a plastic toy trumpet and a little ghost-busters image projector, I remember the very first thing I did was run into my house and into our wine cellar, which was pitch black, and I turned on the Image Projector and before my eyes with the image of big green scary ghost (of course I eventually came to the realization later that it was Slimer) I was so scared, I ran outside, and cried to my mom, and I never touched the damn thing again. But I did play with my toy trumpet (that only made whistling noises) until I was like 4.

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    Default Re: Earliest moment of recall

    It's so odd how human beings are empty shells when they are babies. Thinking about it gives off an aura of fragility. Oh well I won't get into all of that.

    I can't really recall my first moment, there's so many and I didn't keep track of the dates. I do remember playing outside on the street with my buddies though. I had so many accidents. Every day I had bloody knees. I also remember playing with syringes(neighbour was a doctor) and water guns. Oh and those good old fashioned stone wars. You don't wanna hear about those, they were brutal. Ah yes beautiful memories. I will never forget my first friends, my first time to the kindergarden, the first time I jerked off. Those were the greatest times in my life. Now it's crappy, although I have way more stuff.

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    Default Re: Earliest moment of recall

    Me lying on an operating table. Apparently, I wasn't even 1y old at the time.
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    Default Re: Earliest moment of recall

    I do not remember much from when I was very young.

    My first day at school. I did not know anybody, so pretended to be friends with someone I did not know when the teacher asked. I have no idea why I did that. I was probably 4 or 5 at the time.

    I remember impaling my knee on a rusty swing frame while playing a game with me sister. I don't know when is happened.

    The gulf war, seeing those laser guided bombs dropping. And thinking "Baghdad" was called Bank Dad (my dad used to work at Barclays bank). I was 5/6 at the time.

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    Default Re: Earliest moment of recall

    I remember at my family's old house that my older brother and sister would not let me race with them with their dinky cars so I walked/crawled over to the toy chest and brought out a large hard plastic electronic car and smacked my brother with it.

    I was 2 and my brother had to go to the hospital and get 4 stitches.

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    Default Re: Earliest moment of recall

    I can remember me washing plastic carrots and cabbages in a sink at my nursery. I was about two at the time.
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    Default Re: Earliest moment of recall

    My earliest recall is pretty perculiar, just me standing in my mum's and dad's room, with my stripy top on, some jeans and then I walked into my room which was shared with my brother, and went on my computer and started playing. I was 4 at that time. I can't remember anything before that, nothing at ALL.

    Even when I was 4 I couldn't remember before that. It was like my mind was sleeping and then woke up at that moment. Also, you'd think if I didn't couldn't remember before my first recall, you'd be asking, "Where am I?" but I didn't. My mind instantly said, "Let's play the computer!" and I went. Just totally weird.

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    Default Re: Earliest moment of recall

    Playing on the climbing frame at my nursery's prospective parents day, I must've been one and a half - two at the time.

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    Default Re: Earliest moment of recall

    Face down on a slide/climbing frame at the age of two.

    All I can remember is the park and looking at this metal. I'll try and post a pic of the metal (it'll bring back some fond, and very old, memories).

    It's the metal which has criss-crosses on it. I can't find any pics.

    Here it is:

    Lol, in my memory it was blue...

    P.S. Great thread
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