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Thread: Faction Colors & Senate

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    Default Faction Colors & Senate

    Is there any way to change the default color of a faction? Also, is there a way to fix the senate so when you click on the senate offices or the senate tab the game doesn't crash? Thanks.

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    The 'colour' of a faction is set in a number of places.

    1) The flags and banners - these are all changeable. You will need to extract them from the PAK files and change them in a decent paint program

    2) The strat map banners - these can also be changed. The RGB values are set in a text file

    3) The model textures. The senate 'purple' is on all the textures used by the units. You would have to change all the textures to something OTHER than purple. Again, it can be done, but it will take some time.

    Can't help you with the Senate tab making your game crash. It never did on mine..... I presume your game setup is still stock and unmodded ?
    If you have been changing stuff around.... look there first! I have never had the stock game crash, but I have had LOTS of self inflicted grief when modding
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    Default Re: Faction Colors & Senate

    Don't forget descr_sm_factions.txt (I believe) for the faction color on the campaign map.
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    Default Re: Faction Colors & Senate

    I should have been more clear on the whole senate tab thing. It only occurs when I play as the senate.

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    Default Re: Faction Colors & Senate

    That's just the way the game is unfortunately. It wasn't coded for the senate to be played.
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