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    Default Daman

    Was about to comment in SA thread but now locked.

    Nice to see you on the fields of Chiv last night.May I thank you for your kindness to me as a newb player in vi.

    I watched your efforts in trying to make Dragon Crew a major clan in vi and see your invovement with SA as a continuation of your desire to lead a major clan.

    SA, a clan of undoubted skill,unfortunately has a chequered history regarding infiltration of other clans.You now as clan leader inherit this legacy(and unfairly, perhaps,the consequences)

    I urge you take a diplomatic stance in rebuilding relations with the members of the TW community who feel aggrieved by recent events.

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    Wise words indeed Sid

    My hope is that Daman can do just as you state, and that the rest of the community can give him a chance to do as he stated

    Stay Calm, Be Alert, Think Clearly, Act Decisively


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    We will have to wait and see, it was not too long ago I remember seeing him openly insulting a Grey Wolf member using words which were anything but nice.

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    Hence the word Diplomatic

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    Sorry Nimble. I assure you I've come a long way. Being a leader means making selfless actions for the betterment of the whole clan, while keeping the best interests of the TW community in mind.

    Thank you Sid, and thank you ichi for this wonderful and most unexpected post. :D

    come visit us any time at our brand new forums:


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    I"m going to be away till next friday, take care while I"m away

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    will u still never join a clan sid, my friend? i wish you would
    stop keeping us waiting and join one. come to our forums and
    ill buy u a drink hey.


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