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Thread: Boy did I luck out

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    Default Boy did I luck out

    I am playing the Danes with Medmod during High and Hard Difficulty.

    Well, I just kicked Sweden out of their capital on the third turn, the first two I made sure all my ships where in the sea between Sweden and Russia so they couldn't reinforce later on.

    Well, with that out of the way, the AI forgot I was at war so I was going to move onto Scotland and just get another free province. When my ships in position to strike, ALL OF ENGLAND ERUPTS INTO REBELION WHEN THE KING DIES WITHOUT ANY HEIRS. SO, I basically had a huge army and now Britain was mine, WITHOUT MUCH EFFORT and the Pope is paying me money to do so.

    Anyone else ever luck out in a game, let me hear.
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    Default Re: Boy did I luck out

    Hi budwise, lucky you !

    I didn't get anything positive from the pope ever.

    So you must have the luck of a good and faithfull christian !

    But maybe I shouldn't play as the HRE. The pope doesn't like "holy" empires others than his own.

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    Default Re: Boy did I luck out

    As the English, I crusaded to Jerusalem though unfriendly Byzantines. Even though the Germans beat me to Jerusalem, the Byzantines left Constantinople unguarded so I sold everything off and got 11K out of it.
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    Default Re: Boy did I luck out

    I was playing as the Scots in the XL mod and took the next province south (whatever it's called) and the English king and his 2 sons came in as reinforcements. After I killed them all in that battle it was nothing but rebels to finish taking all of England. This happened on about the 5th turn. Then when I invaded France and took Flanders, then French had 2 civil wars about 3 years apart and basically ended up only owning Toulouse and I took over all the other rebel provinces.

    The rest of that campaign was too easy and I soon switched to an Armenian one where almost the same thing happened and I killed the Egyptian king and his sons when I took Tripoli. The rest of Egyptian lands went rebel and I cut off the Turks ability to partake in the spoils and was quite large quite soon.

    Then I started as the Portugese, that campaign was hard for almost 100 years as nobody was easy pickings.

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    Default Re: Boy did I luck out

    I'm playing and HRE game. I finished France and Poland, then moved into England and crushed them, and moved into the excommed North Italy, got them too. Now, in the mean time the Spanish, whom I am allied to, start building huge full-stack armies. Suddenly, they betray and invade me. My armies, which are streched thin, start losing tons of battles, and I am pushed back to Freisland and Ile De France. Then, the ENTIRE area of Spain except for Valencia plunges into civil war. I mounted a counter offensive, and now I am the supreme master of Leon, Aragon, Navarre, Valencia, Castille, and am moving into Cordoba.


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