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Thread: When RTR 6.0 will be released!

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    Default When RTR 6.0 will be released!

    I'm waitng for RTR 6.0 version release. It should be supposed to be released by mid June but still nothing!!!

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    Default Re: When RTR 6.0 will be released!

    Why don't you ask here:
    Epistolary Richard's modding Rules of Cool
    Cool modders make their mods with the :mod command line switch
    If they don't, then Cool mod-users use the Mod Enabler (JSGME)
    Cool modders use show_err
    Cool modders use the tutorials database Cool modders check out the Welcome to the Modding Forums! thread Cool modders keep backups Cool modders help each other out

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    Default Re: When RTR 6.0 will be released!

    I think i know their answer : Its ready when its ready

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    Default Re: When RTR 6.0 will be released!


    ...And I can't wait.

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