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Thread: Clans and Websites

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    Default Clans and Websites

    Will be nice if all Clans who still exsist can post it one time here.
    And if they have websites and Forums will be good if the post that too.
    Many of the links dont work at .org .Here and at .net.

    Here is our website

    will be helpfull to reorganize the community,or better the part of it
    who still exsistend.

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    Default Re: Clans and Websites

    its not working for me....

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    Default Re: Clans and Websites

    Sometimes the page is down,dont know why,u must ask Tiger_Taiko.
    But most time it works (97.23 % )

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    Default Re: Clans and Websites

    Most of the time our website is up. If it is not up it is because of our data centre has a crappy power generator.


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    Default Re: Clans and Websites

    Good luck games.

    Your aims are noble and have honour

    Im a Wolves fan, get me out of here......

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    Default Re: Clans and Websites

    It would be nice to get active clans to post here, maybe even sticky this thread. There are still a few new players each time I enter the lobby, maybe a good way to help them find out who's active and recruiting, where to go to get some help/ideas maybe.

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    Default Re: Clans and Websites

    ichi I'd love to play the mordred mod with you in RTW m8!

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    Default Re: Clans and Websites

    Where have all the uploaded Custom Battles gone?? Before trying my hand at multiplayer and joining a clan (if they'll have me) I'd like to watch some of the old pros and see what I'll be in for.

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    Hunters are still very active in MTW/VI. We are always looking for some new and old talent to join the ranks of the Hunters. Our website is down for the moment and will be redone, but our forum is open for anyone that wishes to visit us. Interested players looking to join Klan Hunter need to apply at our forum link down below. Happy Hunting!
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    Default Re: Clans and Websites

    Web Forum - Camelot:Total War


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