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Thread: Colossus doesn't work with 1.2

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    Default Colossus doesn't work with 1.2

    I decided to test to see whether the Colossus was actually giving a 40% increase to sea trade. I checked the sea trade between Atherns and Kydonia for two turns and then removed my troops from a reciently captured Rhodes and destroyed all happieness type buildings. After the rebels took over, I rechecked the trade between Athens and Kydonia and it did not decrease at all. The Colossus was doing nothing. Sigh...

    Is there a mod to fix this?

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    Default Re: Colossus doesn't work with 1.2

    How many turns have you kept the Colossus?

    Anyhow, the increased trade income should have showed up in the settlement details anyhow.

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    Default Re: Colossus doesn't work with 1.2

    It works in mine. Both in vanilla and in RTR-mod.


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