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Thread: No need to hunt down ships

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    Default No need to hunt down ships

    This may be a bit of an exploit/cheat to some so if you do'nt want to know don't read on.

    I know it's an exploit but considering how unfair naval battles can be I have no problem using it to it's fullest power. Just take your fleet load up a unit of peasants or any unit that you find expendable such as leftover mercanaries and park the bait. The A.I. has a ships with troops detection zone and will send ships after it even if it was out of there LOS/FOW.

    No more need to hunt down those stray fleets, let the A.I. come to you. Also for best results park it away from the coast that way they are less likely to be blockading a path along the coast.

    Better yet so you can gain stars is to load 1 ship with troops and park a stack of 20 next to it. this way you can still gain stars. If 1 ship with 20 renenforcement ships is attacked by 3 ships it will show the total odds. but admirals star wise it will look at that ship taking on 3 ships at 1 to 3 odds and not factoring in the reenforcements allowing you to gain a star an easy way.

    An exploit yes but considering the fact of no matter what the odds are even at 100 to 1..... I will nine times out of ten be exchanging a 1 for 1 casualty ratio.

    I also hate that at 3 to 1 odds on very hard diff is only a 50/50 chance of winning. And if I win I might actually take the brunt of the casualties and if I lose it's sometimes my whole fleet or only 20 percent of it's original size but very very rarely the other way around.

    I hope CA does'nt fix this exploit unless if sea battles on atocalculate are revamped or autoreolve has been made much farer
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    Default Re: No need to hunt down ships

    No wonder the AI never stacks their fleets!
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    Default Re: No need to hunt down ships

    I hope they fix this exploit/bug and make it so that anything naval is uncertain, extremely decisive - and risky.
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