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Thread: suing for backpay

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    Default suing for backpay

    Doing a little search for beat the person above you I ran across an article on backpay if the person was paid less than minumum wage. Basically they are owed the difference they were paid from what minumum wage was.

    Now wheres this going

    Current minumum wage is $5.25? in the U.S. So if you are paying illegal immigrants any less than that would they be eligible to sue for backpay even though they were'nt a citizen? And if they don't handle it out of court they could also charged with attorney fees if they lose.

    This could put a hamper on companies overwillingly hiring illegal immigrants. Theres even more they could sue over but that's just the basis of it.

    You know when they get caught and are to be sent back out of the country, they can come back and bite the hand that no longer feed them and bite it hard they should.
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    Default Re: suing for backpay

    It would be even worse for them in Vermont, not that we have many if any illegal imigrants, the minimum wage here is $7 and is going to be raised to $7.25.

    Though I bet there would be a massive legal battle over whether immigrants are elligible for minimum wage...
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    Default Re: suing for backpay

    Regardless if it's right or wrong, this is a very American way to solve a problem....

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    Default Re: suing for backpay

    Good, sue them for all they got. If you hire illegal immigrants you should be forced to pay them the minimum wage, just like any other person in the country.
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    Default Re: suing for backpay

    If you can show me the bit in the Declaration of Independence which states that All Men are Created Equal Bar Immigrants then I would say thy don't have a leg to stand on when suing.
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    Default Re: suing for backpay

    It discourages hiring illegal immigrants, it discourages paying under the minimum wage (so they're not paying taxes, as far as you might have them).

    It's a very conservative thing, which also makes liberals happy on principle.

    A win-win
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