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    Question Buildings,cultures

    Hi all

    I'm newbye !!! great forum !!!!

    Ok, pardon my poor (very poor) english

    I'm working about the creation of a new little mod on the Dioclezianus' death and Costantinus' rise.

    Ok, i have already created units, text files, standard, symbol, ui cards etc etc

    There is one problem

    I changed 3 faction from Greek Culture to Barbarian

    Macedon = Saxon
    Thrace = Burgundian
    Greek_Cities = Scots

    Now the problem is that there are some buildings i can't modify , because they are in export_descr_building as (for example) core_building...

    So each culture will be automatically diretioned to the model of the culture of hi own !!!

    example to try to esplain better my poor (poor) english

    core_building : barbarian faction = warlord_hold
    core_building : greek_faction = governors_villa

    In that way in the villages of the Scots, there will be magnificent GREEK TEMPLE or MONUMENT !!!!

    ok...someone can tell me what i must to modify or where is the text path to change the culture of some models ???

    Ok thank you for all !!!

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    Default Re: Buildings,cultures

    The problem with this question is that the buildings are assigned by cultures, not by factions.
    Thus, you can change the greek buildings to the barbarian appearance, but if you still keep the seleucid faction as greek, it will also have the barbarian look.
    Another problem is that barbarians have no access to many of the greek buildings. You must decide whether the "new barbarians" have the same limit or you will need to include new cards for the new barbarian buildings.

    Now the instructions:

    The appearance of the settlements in the campaign map can be changed in descr_sm_settlements. Have a look at the files in the barbarian factions and copy them for the greek culture.

    For the building cards, they are included in Data\ui\barbarian\buildings.
    These folders are not in the normal installation of the game and you have to unpack the paks. The way to have a barbarian look for the greek factions is to copy all the files from that folder to the corresponding Data\ui\greek\buildings.

    For the names, you probably will want to put the "barbarian names" to the greek buildings. They are in export_buildings.txt in the Data\text folder. Simply copy the names and descriptions for the barbarian types of buildings into the greek types.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Buildings,cultures

    Thank You very much !!!

    I was desperate

    For the building cards and for the barbarian names there was no problem

    the problem is the settlement

    anyway.... i'll try to examine and mdify the file in the folder you told me !!!

    i repeat...



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