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Thread: Is this a bug?

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    Sometimes when I invade an enemy province the AI sends some or all of the troops from that province around my army into the province it came from.
    Is this a bug or just a really stupid game design.


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    Then, you are the first person ever to see this. I certainly have never heard of this before - it's supposed to be impossible.

    The AI does cheat somewhat in this respect, as it can sense when you will attack and attack another province with the army you were about to annihilate. But it's not supposed to be able to attack any province where *you're* attacking it from. Are you sure that happened?

    (Clarification: if you attack the AI [who is camping in province B] with your armies from province A, it's not supposed to be able to attack province A from province B that turn. However, it's perfectly possible he will attack province A from province C, and often does. So keep your borders secure. Confusing...)

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    Hi guys....
    Happend to me many times....AI attacks the province i am attacking from...kinda anoying!

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    May the honour be with you all....
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    Yep. It did infact happened to me many times.
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    It has happened to me enough times to cause me to always leave a unit behind however small it may be. I have never seen the AI pass me to attack an occupied area in this way.

    Obviously the AI gets to react to your moves each turn after the fact. If it didn't it would be weaker still than it is. IMO the AI isn't all that bad really. It blunders more than it dazzles but it is pretty slick from time to time. I've certainly seen worse.
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    Happened to me a few times and i lost my capital in one of them!!

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    this happened to me last weekend

    ProvinceA (mine): 300 men
    ProvinceB (AI) : 800
    other provinces attacking ProvB: 500

    i had saved before this happened

    i attack B with all i got leaving 1 unit garrisons behind
    B attacks me in A and wins but loses B

    i reload

    and leave 200 men in A and attack with the rest 600 v 600 in B
    and 200 v 200 in A

    so the attacking units from A fight once as they should and the units i left in A defend against the B's attackers

    so what's my point....i've been ill the last few days

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    In the history of warefare I've read of 2 offenses kicking off at the same time with neither side therefore being the defender.

    I suppose the benefit of the AI doing this is a reduced enemy in the province the human is attacking.

    Say the AI loses its attack and you won yours where do the losing AI forces end up?

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    They just disappear like armies defeated in an isolated province.

    It's not a bug, it's a feature
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    It happens so often that I usually leave 120 men or so as a precaution-it seems to deter them anyway.
    What I did have happen 6 months ago-but never since-was on Shimazu/normal,holding a line Wakasa/Omi/Iga and besieging some Ronin in Ise.Everyone in Iga was sent to shore up the forces in Omi.Next thing,300 or so members of the Hojo Horde,nearest province Owari, popped up in Iga.Must have bought tunnelling equipment from the Portuguese.
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    Dagwan: This is the natural consequence of play on the strategy map being turn based. The AI is moving after you make your moves. Now, if the AI can see into provinces it shouldn't be able too, to my mind that would be cheating.

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