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Thread: attention map gods! - textures to match forests

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    I've just started fiddling round with the map editor - and the first obvious difficulty I've found is getting a non-wooded map texture that fits alongside a wooded one without an 'orrible join. I've tried rotating various hopefuls, but to no avail. Any suggestions, oh munificent experienced ones?

    On another note - I'd quite fance lakes - but have a feeling these won't work as they're not rivers or coasts - is this true?

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    well, it depends on which 'woods' you're using. 5, 6, 7, and 8, match up to #4. #43, 44, 45 match up to #42, 99, 100, and 101. and then there's the new 'scrub' textures, which are also tree textures and these match up with other things, which i dont recall right off hand.

    the most common trees are the ones i did mention and these are pretty easy to blend. i didnt cover very much about the specific textures which match up with each other in the tips and tricks topic cause a lot of it you can just look and see for yourself. i suppose someone could make up a new texture map showing all the relationships of the new stuff like tosa did in the demo editor. and i believe he still has that map he did with the demo editor posted on the .org somewhere too.

    water is mostly covered in the 'xpack, tricks, & twists' thread in this forum. there's a couple of other answers in a few other threads as well. no sense posting all that again in here.


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