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Thread: Ancient Greek Campaign

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    Default Ancient Greek Campaign

    Over at my place ( - checkout the 'Strategos' forum).... Im going to be running an Ancient Greek Campaign (600bc till game end)

    Each turn is 3 months, the plan is to process one turn per week...

    Fancy being head of a City State? lead your armies to glory, utilise your wily diplomats, nefarious spies and money grabbing merchants.....

    PM me for linkage......

    anticipated start date..... erm.... 1st July 2005

    All are welcome..... be aware that I only want ppl to play who will make a commitment to have fun..........

    The game is a fairly abstract affair, the main thing is to have fun interacting with other players...

    I can accomodate up to 120 players.........

    The campaign map is finished & Im working on rules & mechanisms right now.....

    Be there or be square...... (or rectangular)

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    Default Re: Ancient Greek Campaign

    Does every player get their only city to command?

    How will it work?

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    Default Re: Ancient Greek Campaign

    There are now 25 people registered and the start date WILL be 3rd July.

    If you have registered please post confirmation that you do intend to play over there


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    Default Re: Ancient Greek Campaign

    There are now 30 players registered for Strategos

    If you wish to take part please note that I can add u in later turns


    Here is a 'test run' of the combat system, it has since been revised & improved....

    Heres the write up

    The Skirmishing troops o#n the Wings (Athenian Cavalry & Theban Psiloi) having no direct opponents, and being unable to engage formed Hoplites in hand to hand combat, make a desultary show of skirmishing with thrown javelins against the exposed flanks of their opponents Bodyguard contingents......

    Given their limited ammunition supply all that they manage to achieve is a brief pause in the advance of their targets.....

    The battle lines engage, the Athenian Citizen Hoplites and 2nd Theban Citizen Hoplites are evenly matched and effectively are in a stalemate situation.....

    The Athenian Mercenaries engage the 1st Theban Citizen hoplites but are pushed back by the impetus of their opponents deeper formation, which disrupts their extended line....

    The 3rd Theban Citizenry crashes into the Athenian Bodyguards who are still distracted by the Theban Psiloi...... the combination of the missile fire distracting the Bodyguards and the impetus of the Theban advance force the Athenians to recoil and the opposing contingents then become locked in melee.

    The skirmishing contingents exhaust their ammunition and, having no further useful role to play withdraw from contact with the enemy.....

    The Theban Bodyguard resume their advance and contact the disrupted formation of the Athenian Mercenary Hoplites, these have no choice but to break off and flee from contact....

    The Athenian Citizen Hoplites see the collapse of the left side of the battle line and realise that their situation is hopeless, they break off from melee and begin an orderly withdrawal.

    Despite their turning the tide in their fight with the 3rd Theban Citizenry, who have begin to give ground in their engagement, the Athenian Bodyguards are left with no alternative but to offer terms to the Thebans.

    A truce is called, both sides bury their dead, and the Athenians leave the Thebans in possession of the field.

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    Default Re: Ancient Greek Campaign

    Looks cool, the map alone is rather nice.
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    Default Re: Ancient Greek Campaign

    Quote Originally Posted by Duck
    Each turn is 3 months, the plan is to process one turn per week...
    3 months? did u hack it? how do i hack for how long each turn is?
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    Default Re: Ancient Greek Campaign

    Im not really sure what u mean by that post mate, perhaps I should have said each turn is a season?

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    Default Re: Ancient Greek Campaign

    ah *chuckles* I get it...... no this game ISNT RTW.......

    Its a forum based wargames campaign of my own design.....

    Its a shame RTW is so crappy because I would love to see ppl use it for resolving battles but sadly it just isnt up to the job.....


    This game is one that Ive designed, people submit orders for moderation through a system of private forums that Ive set up....

    Each Player has a Private Area where they submit orders to me....

    Each player has access to a Regional Council forum, open only to those owning cities in the same region....

    When players form alliances I set up jointly shared forums for alliance members which only they can see

    There are also open forums for players to post propaganda, rumours, stories, announcements etc etc (posts are made 'in character' and must be game themed

    Then theres a General forum where Q & A's are stored, along with game themed resources, like siggy templates etc etc...


    So, to reiterate, this isnt a hacked version of RTW


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