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    Default Hidden while moving

    I was reading through the Sweboz faction and got to the Bugimannoz unit and noticed that it said "These Bugimánnōz are at their best in wooded country, where their superior stalking skills learned on the hunt can be put to use."
    Does this mean that EB is going to make it possible to make these guys invisible or constantly hidden when moving through the forest? I mean this is realistic. No army walking on a plain outside the forest fully armored and in march could possibly hear or see a force of trained since birth huntsmen a half of a mile into the woods.

    Is that what you meant by this or was I just reading too far into it?

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    Default Re: Hidden while moving

    I don't think we can do this within the RTW engine. We can give them a melee bonus when fighting in woods though, so they will kick more ass when fighting in a forest.
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