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    Default Dark Throne Omega

    Well this is it Ladies & Gentlemen, Dark Throne Omega version should be going live either today or tomorrow. Here is the message from the website.

    Omega Launch!
    After numerous stress tests over the course of this month, we are finally to the point where we are ready to launch the Omega test.

    We plan on officially launching the Omega test sometime in the next 24 hours. As soon as we are all ready we will make another post on the news page and will start a brief countdown timer.

    To join the Omega test, you NEED to either be level 20+ or have an alpha medal at any level. If you did not sign up using the pre-launch page, don't worry. As soon as the test launches, we will also launch a new sign up page for those that want to play in the Omega test.

    For those that participated in any of the stress tests, all stats will be reset back to zero. This has already been announced in the stress test and is being done so that everyone has a fair start.

    A big thanks goes out to everyone who helped us with stress testing. With stress testing out of the way, and the Omega launch on the horizon, we look forward to introducing all new updates and features into both the Beta and Omega tests in the near future.

    So anyone signed up for it, keep an eye out for the launch.
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    Default Re: Dark Throne Omega

    Registered my account, anyone want to make an alliance?


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