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Thread: 400th post!

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    Thumbs up 400th post!

    Finally was it my turn to celebrate and cheer over my postcount

    I mean I deserve an own thread because of my poor internet connection(56K), and still managed to reach this number of posts

    Next celebration at: 800 posts, planned in mid August.
    Runes for good luck:

    [1 - exp(i*2π)]^-1

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    Default Re: 400th post!

    We have an official post celebration thread. Please use it if not we will have tons of topics soon. Any way, congratulations.
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    Default Re: 400th post!

    well done

    + 1 post count
    There are times I wish they’d just ban everything- baccy and beer, burgers and bangers, and all the rest- once and for all. Instead, they creep forward one apparently tiny step at a time. It’s like being executed with a bacon slicer.

    “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.”

    To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise.

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    Default Re: 400th post!

    Come on King Henry V.... He only has a 56k connection!!!

    Good job Viking!!
    Ja mata, TosaInu. You will forever be remembered.


    Been to:

    Swords Made of Letters - 1938. The war is looming - and Alexandre Reythier does not have much time left to protect his country.

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    Default Re: 400th post!

    Good job Viking !!!

    I'm an athiest. I get offended everytime I see a cold, empty room. - MRD

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    Default Re: 400th post!

    Congrats Viking!
    Ja Mata Tosainu Sama.

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    Default Re: 400th post!

    Well done the big 800 is next. Congrats mate!

    "A lamb goes to the slaughter but a man, he knows when to walk away."

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    Default Re: 400th post!


    A connection shouldn't matter. If you are really committed to your posting *spamming* nothing should get in the way!


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