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Thread: New German Clan

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    Default New German Clan

    ex-Elite member Loki and RedChaos have founder a new german language
    Clan ,together with Luculus and Bozkurt
    4 good players,with a little bit luck it will be much more soon,and we
    will have a new strong clan in mtw/vi.
    That will be then Number 9 (im dont counting the old clan`s,they are
    not anymore in mtw/vi,only the Clan`s who play real in mtw/vi,older
    as 3-6 months,with more members as 5 ppl and where the players
    are playing this game 5 of 7 days the week more as 1-2 hour).
    Maybe that we start a new CWC or CWB or similar tournament in
    a few months.

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    Default Re: New German Clan

    You 're being paid to do their PR Tam ? ;)

    BTW I didn't know Quake was RChaos, my first team game, a 3v3 IIRC, ever was with him :D
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    Default Re: New German Clan

    hehe ,PR Managment
    I give my best !!
    And yes,Quake was Elite-RedChaos.

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    Default Re: New German Clan

    So does that mean we won't be seeing "Di3hard" anymore? Or only when said player feels like playing "incognito?" And where did that Greywolf guy go anyways ...

    Strong players ... I'm sure the new clan will be a fun one with which to compete.

    Lol--when I first saw the title of this thread I thought you might be plugging Krusher's newest clan effort--that would have surprised me ... .
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