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Thread: Specialized Rebels?

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    Default Specialized Rebels?

    The concept and artwork for this mod are simply outstanding. So in keeping with the fantasy theme, have you considered how to portray rebel factions? EB has a nice concept for creating specialized rebels (by region), and that would fit nicely here. Three possibilities come to mind:

    1) Monkey Gods (SE Asia portion of the map) - A feature in Hindu art, but also prevalent throughout the SE Asia region (Angkor Wat & Bali have some great temple art based largely on this theme). Cavalry could include "Tiger Riders" and units could feature some of the other jungle fauna from this area. A unit with Arcani-type "hide anywhere" capability would be deadly in the jungle.

    2) Himalayan (For the high mountains north of India, West of China 1 and south of the Demons). One obvious unit would be the Yeti, but Snow Leopards and rugged Gurka-type hillmen could also play a role.

    3) Desert Tribes (For the border regions between the Mongols/India and the Demons). A Bactrian Camel unit would be cool, plus some excellent horse archers.

    I can't post images, but here's where they'd appear on your map (#1 = Green Circle, #2 = Red Circles, # 3 = Yellow Circles):

    Edit: Kageka has a wonderful post in the main Blue Lotus Thread which goes into GREAT detail on the Monkey Gods (Hanuman). So most of the research on this group is already done.
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