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    Anybody knows if CA released some trailers about the intro movies ??..if not when they would be released...i`m really looking forward about this game...the RTW videos were great...i`ved always watched the videos when i started the game

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    lol rome's isn't that great - check out Dawn of War's
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    Quote Originally Posted by sapi
    lol rome's isn't that great - check out Dawn of War's
    I have to agree, although I prefer RTW to Dawn of War by a large margin, DOWs pre-game movie absolutely trumps RTWs.

    It's really not even close...
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    Default Re: BI intro movies

    Dawn of War might have been the most tedious game I've ever played.

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    who ever playe hidden and dangerous, prolly the only shooter that leaves you entirely free to do whatever you want as long as you complete the missions. you can go stealth or with a lot of fire power. their trailer is cool too. you dont have any predecided routes or other stuff. awesome though you really need to get used to the controls.

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