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Thread: AI factions "scuttling" cities prior to Crusade arrival

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    Default AI factions "scuttling" cities prior to Crusade arrival


    Yet another impressive detail of MTW which I noticed yesterday:

    Egypt held the Holy Land. I launched a Crusade in Aquitaine (targeting Palestine), which wandered around Iberia collecting troops before shipping to Tunisia (which was held by Rebels).

    I had paid for and donated large numbers of troops to ensure the Crusade's success (for the nice share of Glorious Achievement points).

    I'd been keeping emissaries all over the Middle East to keep an eye on things, and Palestine was looking good... Buildings were 3 levels high in most categories, and I was keen to take it and keep it.

    I needed to achieve the successful crusade before 1205, and time was running short. My enormous crusade army ploughed through North Africa without a single fight, which suited me fine, as I didn't want my momentum slowed. The Amos just kept retreating until Cyrenacea, when they put up a fair resistance, knocking 800 troops off me with hordes of AUM and missile troops.

    I finally get to Sinai, with 3 years remaining in which to take Jerusalem, when SHWOOP, the Egyptians destroyed everything of theirs in Palestine except an Inn, 20% farming, and a port, depriving me of all the cool buildings and effectively "scuttling" the province.

    Way to sour a guy's victory...

    My siege crews went home in disgust.

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    Default Re: AI factions "scuttling" cities prior to Crusade arrival

    Wow. I've seen the AI use the "scorched earth" policy before, but never to that extent. I suppose since he couldn't hold Egypt itself, the Sultan figured he had no chance of defending Palestine and just raized everything. At least that way he got some cash--which by that point he probably badly needed anyway, thanks to you.
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    Default Re: AI factions "scuttling" cities prior to Crusade arrival


    Sorry for you, but that were the medieval periods....
    Ja mata, TosaInu. You will forever be remembered.


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