i've just finished uploading 10 new maps to the .org. as soon as tosa or someone reviews them and checks them for viruses, they shld be available for download.

these are 10 completely new maps which show off the new editor and features quite nicely. there is a large variety of terrain, some flat, hilly, watery, mountainous and lots of the new models used. there are some tricks i've pulled with water and models to show off the possibilities and some very scenic maps as well.

my thanks to tosa and yuuki for all their help with testing and posting and suggestions. thanks guys :)

i was going to also upload these as single maps, but got lazy, so it's all in one 10 map pack.

as normal, just unzip them somewhere and place the .jjm's and .tga's in your we/mi\battle\maps folder. do NOT place them in the savemaps folder or you wont be able to use them online.

most of all, have fun :)


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