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Thread: looking for certain kind of mod....

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    Default looking for certain kind of mod....

    is their a medieval modification of RTW?(with a campaign map)if so which is best?
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    So is there really any honour in Total War games?
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    Default Re: looking for certain kind of mod....

    well theres chivalry total war, but its not out yet. Total conversions take a long time to make.

    and by the way threads like this should be in the mod general forum, but i could be wrong .
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    Default Re: looking for certain kind of mod....

    The Chivalry Mod doesn't have a campaign yet. It is just at custome battle type of stage with a selection of the planned units made. It gives a good impression for how it should be when it's done ( good! ) but it will be a while before a campaign is available. That involves a lot of units, a lot of extra scripting and text editing, and masses of balancing and bugfixing. It WILL get done, I am sure!
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    Default Re: looking for certain kind of mod....

    As not a mod in development moved from the Forge to the General forum.

    King of Atlantis is perfectly correct about threads like these...

    Please read the Welcome to the Modding Forums thread at the topic of the General forum.
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    Default Re: looking for certain kind of mod....

    See my sig. It will probably be released this fall, but will be awesome.
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