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Thread: Hoggy help

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    Default Hoggy help

    Hi hoggy , didn't want to spam ur thread so I ask u there I am having lot of problems implementing new elephant mounts , could u tell me how you did?

    I see in the game there are several types of elephants , forest , cataphract african , african and indian , apart the olyphant ,

    I wanted to make a sirian elephant , which should be as big as the armoured one but indian style , I didnt want to make a new mesh and substituite the cataphract model , but I just wanted to add a new elephant , so I added this in the


    type Syrian elephant
    dictionary Syrian_elephant ;Syrian Elephants
    category cavalry
    class heavy
    voice_type Heavy_1
    soldier greek_big_elephant_archer, 18, 6, 1
    mount elephantnew
    mount_effect horse +4, chariot +8, camel +4
    attributes sea_faring, can_run_amok, frighten_foot, frighten_mounted
    formation 7, 11, 13,16, 1, square
    stat_health 1, 12
    stat_pri 10, 3, arrow, 120, 60, missile, archery, piercing, none, 25 ,1
    stat_pri_attr no
    stat_sec 7, 11, no, 0, 0, melee, other, blunt, none, 25 ,1
    stat_sec_attr area, launching, ap
    stat_pri_armour 0, 4, 0, flesh
    stat_sec_armour 16, 3, flesh
    stat_heat -1
    stat_ground 0, 1, -6, -1
    stat_mental 8, normal, trained
    stat_charge_dist 30
    stat_fire_delay 0
    stat_food 60, 300
    stat_cost 2, 2970, 590, 300, 450, 2970
    ownership seleucid
    as u can see i placed the model


    which is like

    type elephantnew
    skeleton fs_indian_elephant
    scale 1
    indiv_range 40
    texture carthage, data/models_unit/textures/mount_indian_elephant_carthage.tga
    texture seleucid, data/models_unit/textures/mount_indian_elephant_seleucid.tga
    texture parthia, data/models_unit/textures/mount_indian_elephant_parthia.tga
    texture merc, data/models_unit/textures/mount_indian_elephant_mercenary.tga
    model_flexi data/models_unit/mount_elephant_indian_400.CAS, 25
    model_flexi data/models_unit/mount_elephant_indian_300.CAS, 40
    model_flexi data/models_unit/mount_elephant_indian_200.CAS, 70
    model_flexi data/models_unit/mount_elephant_indian_100.CAS, max
    model_tri 700, 0.3f, 0.3f, 0.3f

    but the game like this crashes to descktop ....

    while instead if i place in the file of export unit the model of one of the other exhisting already elephants the game runs well .....

    Do u know how can I solve the problem?

    the second one is how to scale them , I have tried all the tutorial stes of verci but the result after having created a 1.3 scaled indian elephant skeleton , packed , placed in the list and in the descr tet of the unit i place also the scale of the unit to 1.3 , this is the result .....

    Can u help me there too ?

    Thanks a lot for ut Attention .....

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    Default Re: Hoggy help

    What happened to them?!

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    Default Re: Hoggy help

    Yoik, I can't see offhand what's wrong Prometheus. I've not had much trouble with elephants but i have mostly been using the african skeleton. perhaps it's that? Maybe post in the general forum for more responses?


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