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Thread: Question of appearance on RTW

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    Default Question of appearance on RTW

    I'm currently playing RTW version 1.2 and was wondering if there is any way of removing / repairing (without modding game preferably, but with if necessary) :

    1) Watchtowers that have been placed by other factions or by myself in the wrong spot.

    2) Damaged tile squares caused by sieges and invading armies etc.

    Thanks in advance.

    General Maximouse.

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    Default Re: Question of appearance on RTW

    The "damaged" (devastated) map squares will heal eventually. AFAIK there is no in-game way to remove watchtowers, dunno about modding.

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    Default Re: Question of appearance on RTW

    Awesome... thanks for that.

    Any idea how long it takes for the damaged squares to "heal"?

    General Maximouse.

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    Default Re: Question of appearance on RTW

    Can take up to about 20 turns. War is hell and your economy will reflect that
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    Default Re: Question of appearance on RTW

    Varies depending on how long the invading army has stayed on that spot, how huge the spot is, and how fertile the tiles are. There's a thread in the Ludus Magna archives on it, including the exact formulae to calculate devastation.

    Watchtowers? No go. If you placed a tower on the wrong square, just place another one on the right square.



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