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    Hello all,

    I have been playing MTW for some time now and I know how to win battles in MTW. This is not so in RTW. I have major difficulties defeating opponents with phalanxes among their troops. How to defeat those @#!%^& phalanxes. What is the weakness of the phalanx? I need some help here.

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    Flanking. It's the only way you will win vs most phalanxes. It's also genrely how most phalanx battles are decided. Who wins the cavlary duel. Also HA are great vs Phalanx troops because they peper them with misiles the ride away.. The best thing to do if you are playing with Rome for example is to keep your infantry deep. That way they seem to take the fight better and hold longer. Many people vs Phalanx troops also tend to use hit and run tatics. It works a treat. Well thats my advies for you. I will look out for you in RTW.

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    when as an example you're playing the romans , always make sure you pepper them with all of your Pila, turn on fire-at will.
    Low level phalanxes may even rout when hit in a crossfire of Pila, use this to your advantage.
    Also defending is easier than attacking against phalanxes, let them tire and preferably let them walk a steep hill.

    Once the main engagement starts , make sure you pin them ( frontally attack ) with an expandable unit - this unit will get ( depending on the type of unit ) the most damage.
    Once the enemy phalanxe is pinned attack it in the rear or flank with an other unit , as an example ; principes or cav.

    Make sure you leave them space to rout, otherwise they will fight to death , which can kill lot's of extra unit's

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    Steppe tactics. Use horse archers and shoot them to bits. When they give up and run for their lives, gang up and run down each unit leaving no survivors



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