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    Does anybody many turns the wonders increases happiness? (those yellow "things") my campaign as the Julii (R:TW 1.2)....each one last 3-4 turns...after that there is no bonus.....when i conquer another wonder...again ,the same story 3-4 i have 4 wonders conquered and no bonus to happiness....i tell u that because in another campaign i had 3-4 wonders...and i always had bonus ,one yellow "thing" during the whole campaign

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    The statue of zeus gives a permenant 10 percent loyalty bonus. That is 2 yellow icons though.

    Each wonder gives a 20 percent loyalty bonus(4 yellow icons) losing an icon and 5 percent each turn. The statue of zeus gives a temporary 30 percent bonus dropping down to a permanent 10 percent.

    Also there is a cap on wonder bonuses wich is either capped at 30 or 40 percent.

    As far as a permanent 5 percent, maybe you overlooked something. If all values end in a zero each marker represents 10 percent. If any value ends in a 5 all icons = 5 percent
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    thanks 4 the explication...i understand how it works now

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    Except Zeus doesn't work. I have a previous Scipii game (1.0) where I have had Zeus more than 10 turns and I had NO wonder yellow icons in any of my cities. In addition, I could account for all happiness increases from buildings to temples etc. built in the cities. The same is true for Zeus in my present 1.2 Brutii game.

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    Colossus and Zeus both have gradual-decrease effects. Zeus stabilises at 10% despite an initial 30%. Colossus gives a 40% bonus that also eventually drops to 10%, and if I'm not wrong, remembering an earlier investigation in Ludus Magna, to nothing. The others give permanent advantages.


    It is possible to make Corinth rebel, and reconquer it again to renew the 30% bonus, though? It's be useful if you're the Brutii conquering the east later on, cos otherwise you get Corinth way too early for its order bonus to benefit you since all the settlements you get early on are high in public order and close to your capital anyway.



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