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Thread: Modding problems

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    I am currently experimenting with a civil war mod. Anyway, I was experimenting with modding the thunder bombers. I made the range much longer, so now they can fire even double the range of archers. However, when they fire at long or medium ranges, it goes through the normal cycles, but the grenades never land.... I thought the accuracy was too low, so I switched it to .5 to test, and still no change. What do I do? Thanks!
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    you need to also raise the speed stat value. you can set all the range you want, but if the speed doesnt allow the missile to go that far, guess what :)

    the missile modeling is a bit strange and it would take a looooong page to explain it. basically, just tweak the range and speed stats to get when and where things occur and how far a missile will travel, how much arc is on the projectile, how much 'overshoot' you get over the target and so on. so far, i've managed to get guns to shoot 10 tiles long, if i want, thunder bombers too. gotta love them mortars :)


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