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    how do i go about becoming a "senior" member of this site. currently i am only a junior member...

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    Well, first comes member. You get that if you are around enough and contribute enough that one of the moderators deems you worthy. And I would advise against mindless posting.

    Enough is subjective. It is that way for a reason. One of the mods will deem you worthy soon enough.

    Senior member is more of the same I would guess. I would assume there is somewhere around here you could find out more if you wanted to know. But I'd wager senior member is a LOT more of the same. You don't see many people with that title.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scozzy99
    how do i go about becoming a "senior" member of this site. currently i am only a junior member...
    From the Guild FAQ thread in the Entrance Hall

    Membership levels:

    Junior members are given access to all the publicly available forums. They are also given posting permissions in most of these forums. The main exception to this is the Backroom of the Tavern, where Junior Members cannot post, although there are other forums that have reduced posting privileges for various reasons. Examples are the various Guides, Library, and repository forums and the Ludus Magna forum.

    Junior Members are also not allowed to edit their posts, although they can preview them to check out how they will look. Editing permissions come with promotion to Member. Currently, there are two exceptions: RTW Guides and the Ludus Magna, where everyone can edit.

    You can check you posting privileges for any given forum by checking the Posting Rules box, usually at the bottom left corner of your screen.

    Junior Members are also restricted from certain UserCP options, e.g. the Custom User Titles, and profile pictures.

    Promotion to Member
    Promotion to Member is based on participation, conduct and contributions in your posts. Quantity of posts doesn't matter - you could be promoted on the basis of one amazing post, although just showing the ability to interact with the membership in a helpful and polite manner is easily sufficient. In other words, you don't need to do something special, just enjoy yourself whilst following the Forum Rules above. Although introducing yourself (if you have not already done so) in the HAIL New Members! (Introductions) II thread doesn't hurt.

    Promotions are handled manually by the Guild Staff, and are generally done en masse. So as a very quick rule of thumb: if you've been here for a few weeks and been posting reasonably regularly during that time, you should be promoted to Member.

    In any case, the staff will always try to help you if they can. If you feel perhaps that you've been mistakenly overlooked (as does happen on occasion), your best bet is to PM KukriKhan and explain your situation.

    Senior Member
    Senior Member is an Honorific, used to recognize members' contributions to the overall good of the Org.

    Contributions can range from creative endeavours (such as mods, art, guides and stories) to leadership and commitment (organization of community efforts, running events) to being a fine, honourable, upstanding member of the community. It is a way to recognize and say "thank you" to those who make the TW community a better place. Post count doesn't matter much: there are Senior Member's with less than 400 posts, and Members with thousands.

    Two or three times a year, the Staff nominates Members who they feel are deserving of the Senior Member title. Only 10-12 Senior Memberships are approved; if more are nominated, that list is whittled down to the required number.

    Senior members get a slightly larger PM mailbox, a title under their avatar, free beer at KukriKhan's house (although apparently none have so far shown up!), and the publicly displayed respect of the community.
    Azi got it right, post responsibly and contribute and the rest will take care of itself

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    Read it for the first time... Thanks Ichi

    When are the promotions to Senior Members?!

    BTW, this should be moved to the Watchtower or the Entrance Hall.....
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    Closed as the question is answered and moved to Entrence Hall.
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