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Thread: Bug in battle

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    Default Bug in battle

    I was killing the Horde in Georgia (as usual) Killed the general, my troops led by my 9* turcoman foot general were slaughtering the enemy with half-handedly and yawning meanwhile...

    And the enemy stopped coming. All of the troops stopped on one point (probably where their invisible rally point flag was) and did not attack me but also did not retreat. I could wait out the time to run out but in the last few minutes I attacked and routed all of them. Still the next wave also stopped on that rally point... And then the time run out and I won... I could not figure out any worthwhile tactics in that move. Any ideas or anybody seen that?
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    Default Re: Bug in battle

    I had something similar once - in Switzerland in MedMod 3.14.

    My troops were deployed on the top of a mountain and with protected flanks by mountainside inaccessible terrain.

    AI forces didn't move except trying to outflank me which was impossible, so I won eating supper during the 'battle'

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    Default Re: Bug in battle

    Pretty much similar thing happenend with me. I was playing as the Byzantines on the XL Mod. A massive Spanish army attacked me and I manged to camp on a mountain in a high pass, unassailable from all but one ascent. 8) they just camped, out of range of my catapults and milled around, "doing formations" with 3 units of Jinettes. Towards the end, after 20 mins of +100% speed, I sent in some Kilbanophoroi and my general to mop up the now very tired Jinettes (and so he didn't get that vice where he doesnt like to risk himself in battle ;) ).

    I guess it happens when the AI tries to attack you from a better position, but fails to realise that it can't.

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    Default Re: Bug in battle

    Once when the French outnumbered me two to one they pulled up in a line of battle just outside of bowshot, then calmly waited 30 minutes till I won. Was a bit wierd.

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    Default Re: Bug in battle

    If they are sitting just outside the red line, you can still shoot them with archers and then they will rout off the map.


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