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    Howdy folks,

    A quick question: is there a guide someplace for editting buildings?

    I am looking to replace a set of buildings with a set with new skins; I am trying for a North American look.

    Can anyone offer guidance/links?


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    Default Re: Editting Buildings

    That's a great question Ash, I'm been wondering this for a long time. The metw people made awesome building graphics. I wish we could figure out how to make some for AWI, NTW and HTW!
    Awen ha ni?

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    I am the map creator for metw, i made a little tutorial some time ago at to add new buildings, with new textures.

    To make your black gates with the "palisade gate: gate" model for example:

    A/Adding a new model
    1 Copy the folder Palisade gate located here \Medieval TW\Models\Western European\
    2 Rename the folder "Palisade gate" to "Black Gates"
    3 Now inside the folder, rename the file "Palisade gate.txt" to "Black Gates.txt"
    4 Edit this file, remove the first line "Name model_gate" and copy this "Name model_Black_gates"
    5 Now go here \Medieval TW\Loc\Eng
    -Edit the file Battle.txt
    -Go to the last line(there are some differences, that depends the version[MTW:VI, MTW]) You have to find this
    at the last lines.
    Add this after the line: ["model_Black_Gates"]
    {"Black gates"}

    Ok now you have a totally new model.

    B/Edit model properties
    1 Go back to your file "Black gates.txt"
    I will only explain properties required for your models (size)
    Add those lines after "ConstrainRotation 2048"
    staticscale 7
    animscale 7
    You can customize the size between 0.1 and 7.
    2 You can remove weapons if you remove those lines
    Weapons 1 24
    weaponorigin -750 500 -32 90
    weaponorigin 750 500 -32 90
    But, it is up to you to have weapons or not.

    C/Customizing Textures
    1 Edit the files "0.TXX" and "1.TXX"
    Remove the lines :

    And copy this
    0BlackGAtes2 (make sure to do enter after this line because the file need an empty line at the end)

    2 I recommend to edit your texture with 24/32 bit in your favorite editor, then you have to convert your texture with ultimate paint for having a .LBM file with 256 colors working.

    3 To make something with some transparency (ex: ramparts) you have to rename your file with a 0 before the name.
    You edit your texture (edit with 24bit, save with 256colors with ultimate paint), then you have to reopen it with your favorite editor and edit the file with only 256 colors, check the first color in your palette, this color will be the color setting the transparency.
    Make sure to remplace the differents gaps with this texture, place the good color at the right place, save with 256 colors, reopen the file with ultimate paint, and save the file with 256 colors.

    Textures are automatically scaled to the scale of the surface, so if you have created a texture like 64*256 for a surface of 128*256, the texture will not be reduced or increased for the height(256) but the width(64) will be automatically scaled to match the width of the surface textured (128).
    If you need any help, let me know (about properties or textures)
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