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The Mod User’s Best Friend – The Mod-Switcher

Created by the mighty Vercingetorix, this is _the_ way to install and uninstall RTW mods quickly, easily and with the minimum of fuss. It allows you to install and uninstall mods with just a single click of a button and you can use it for practically any mod you want.

No more wasted space with multiple data folders or tedious uninstalling and reinstalling the game every time you want to play a new mod. Now, you can keep your data folder as pure vanilla, leave the Mod-Switcher to deal with backing up the files and restoring your originals and swap from mod to mod as your fancy takes you.

And here’s a step by step guide as to how to use it:

Step One:
Download Vercingetorix’s Mod-Switcher programme

Step Two:
Place the Modswitcher .exe file in your Rome – Total War folder (the one with the RomeTW.exe in) as pictured:

Step Three:
Double click on it to run it and you’ll get a screen like this:

Go to Create RMOD

Step Four:
This is where you’ll create the .rmd file that will include all the information needed for the Mod-Switcher to install the mod.

Follow the instructions onscreen. First of all you need to drag the Data folder of the mod you want to install into the window or alternatively you can browse for it.

The Data folder will normally (though not always) be the file that you have downloaded. It’s just like the Data folder for the game, except that it only contains the modded versions of the files that are to be changed. The directory structure should match that of the game.

For example, here is the data folder for one of my own mods: the Proper Wonders on the Battlefield mod. The WDN file has just been downloaded and unzipped and this is what’s inside.

As you can read, the Data folder includes the modded versions of various text files. The mod also needs a change to the descr_strat file and so inside this Data folder you’ll find another folder called world and more that directly match the game’s directory.

As the file contains the correct directory structure, you don’t have to worry about it. Just drag the Data folder into the Mod-Switcher panel.

Dragging the Data folder into the window fills in its correct address. We then also add in manually the Mod Name and the Mod Version, so we can keep track of our existing mods.

Several mods require you to delete a file before they will operate, the Mod-Switcher will do it for you. Just fill in the name of the file in the Files to Remove section starting with the game’s Data folder.

In this case, the mod requires we delete the map.rwm file in the base folder (this is often the case with mods as otherwise changes to the map may not take effect). So, starting with the data folder we give it it’s address of data\world\maps\base\map.rwm

Step Five:
Now we can go to the Make RMOD menu and click on Make RMOD.

This brings up this panel which asks you where you want to save the RMOD. You want to save the RMOD to your Rome – Total War directory. The same directory that you have the Mod Switcher programme in.

Once you’ve typed in an appropriate filename and pressed save, the Mod Switcher will now create the RMOD file.

Step Six:
Now that’s done, the Proper Wonders mod will now appear in the list of available mods. To install it, just select it and click install.

It will then show up as the Current mod. You can either launch the game from inside Mod Switcher or, if you use command line switches, you can exist and launch the game normally.

To uninstall it, just click Uninstall!

And now you can install and uninstall this mod with just a click of the button.

Find out more information about the Mod-Switcher, as well as posing technical questions to Vercingetorix himself, here.