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Thread: Attack with fire.

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    The great Sun Tzu says: There are five ways to attack with fire.

    1: Burn the enemy troops.
    2:Burn the enemy supplies.
    3:Burn the enemy supply convoys.
    4:Burn the enemy base.
    5:Burn the enemy cities.

    This is a quote from The Art of War.

    So I think it should be employed into the game that archers could attack with fire arrows.


    "-Know your self, know your enemy and your victory will be painless.
    -Know the weather, know the terrain and your victory will be complete."
    -Sun Tzu(Wu), The Art of War.
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    In a siege maybe. Only problem is that the simulation of siege situations is so primitive anyway that there are a long list of prerequisite improvements to make that one work or be worth it at all.

    Suffice to say that in a normal battlefield situation fire arrows are just a safety hazard and a pain in the ass. But perhaps this is something they could add if they ever do anything about improving siege simulation.



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