Hello folks,

Here's the first of the three main threads on the site. I'll mark those three with 'SITE:' and post them all in the 'STW MP' forum.

I and the people helping me shall here discuss make decisions on the site's concept. (2ddragon and shambles so far) Also meant for others to give their comments/suggestions or ask questions. Plus people who want to help () can post here to tell they want to help and what they want to do. I posted three other threads on this subject already. One with some research in it, the 'What's left of STW's MP' thread here in the 'STW MP' forum. One asking for help with making the site, the 'Making a website' thread in 'apothecary'. One has now become unuseful, the 'request for a new temporary subforum' thread in watchtower. Tosa gave me permission to post the necesary threads in this forum.

I post this one as the first so we can discuss the entire concept before I post it.

47Ronin Drisos