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Thread: Tutorial: the creation of a monster!

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    Cool Tutorial: the creation of a monster!

    This tutorial will show how to create a model that is not based on one of the official R:TW models. I will create a monster called a Grolm that will be used in the Wheel of Time modification.

    Myddraal provided me with this piece of concept art:

    Before I began I started 3ds Max and imported some mount models to see wether there was any useable skeleton. Since we cannot make new skeletons it is a necessary step to make to avoid wasting time. The dog model was appropiate and with some scaling it provided an excellent base.

    Since I like the look of the concept art so much I changed nothing except for some stretching to be able to place the model over a R:TW skeleton. To better understand the monster I made a quick sketch and scanned it. I then coloured it. In doing so I was thinking more about the anatomy then if I immediately jumped to 3Ds max.
    The next step was drawing lines to get an idea about how many segments the body, limbs and head needed to consist of. You can see this progress here:

    I counted the segments of the individual parts (hind leg, front leg, torso and head) and made some boxes. Next step is to convert the boxes to an Editable Mesh. Right-click on your box and go to Convert To: -> Convert to Editable Mesh:

    Tip: when making a new model only make one half of it. When you are done, mirror the half and you have a complete model. Any asymmetric details can be added later.

    When I was busy moving the vertices I noticed a distinct line along the hind leg. This was caused by 3DS not smoothing the entire box the same way. In the GIF below you can see that 1 side has a different number then the other side. I solved this by selecting the entire hind leg and giving the polygons the same smoothing group.

    Edges of polygons
    I noticed a pair of polygons of which the edge was not as I wanted. As you can see in the GIF it causes an unnatural form of the leg. To fix this I selected the two polygons [1] and deleted them. Then I made a new plane [2], converted it to editable mesh, attached it to the hind leg and moved the vertices so that the polygon covers the hole and the edge is positioned as I want. I then merged the vertices of the "patch" with the hindleg [3]. To make the surface smooth I then placed the new polygons into the same Smoothing Group [4].

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    Great toturial!! VERY HELPFUL! Thanks man...very impersive.

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    Um... the finished result...? :/

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    Can you post the units you've made? i'd really be happy to see e'm...

    by d way.. i'm just new here...


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    Quote Originally Posted by masataka90 View Post
    Can you post the units you've made? i'd really be happy to see e'm...

    by d way.. i'm just new here...

    This thread is three years old and I dont think Duke John is that active around here any more. The pictures will have been removed to condense the tutorial proberably when they were removed by the picture host sever people.

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