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Thread: Removing Bribery?

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    Default Removing Bribery?

    I've just about modded my RTW game to where I like it, but I'm getting really sick of my hard fought cities being bought by rich enemies that I'm not even fighting at the moment. Is there a way to just drop bribery from the game, or make it more difficult/expensive to where I'm not losing a city every couple of turns? I've tried assassinating every diplomat that wanders into my provinces but it just gets old.

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    Removing bribery? Delete all the diplomats!
    No, seriously - Maybe boosting public security values of buildings? Not sure wether public security helps prevent bribery.
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    /data/descr_character.txt file:

    Go there look for the diplomat and delete bribe.

    it works but I don't think it works on saved games
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    Default Re: Removing Bribery?

    I was going to say that Oaty, but I wanted some money for doing so first. How much did he pay you?
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