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Thread: Render with pose

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    Default Render with pose

    How to give render you model with a certain pose (ie not arms stretched horizontally)

    1. Load the model and texture.
    2. In the tabs at the top of the panel to the right, select the 'Motion' tab (a wheel icon).
    3. Select a couple of bones (e g the three in an arm) and use the 'Select and Move' and 'Select and Rotate' tools to get them where you want.
    4. Continue till you have the pose you want.
    5. Select the 'Create' tab, click the 'Lights' button, and add a 'Target Spot' pointing a the model from in front. Have it far away enough to light up the whole of the model, but not much further than that.
    6. Select the light and click the 'Modify' tab, and change the multiplier to somewhere 1.3
    7. Align the perspective part of the window the way you want the render
    8. In the meny, select Rendering>Render... and click Render.
    After resizing, sharpening and conversion to tga, you should have something like this:

    Citadel Total War
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    Default Re: Render with pose

    thank you so much for that one! have been experimenting quite a lot now, but I can't get the alpha channels to give the right transparency. got any idea how to get that to work correctly?

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    Default Re: Render with pose

    If you mean the alpha channel as in the black bit round shields etc. while rendering in MAX, well, you can often just delete the black bits when in photoshop but also if you go to the material editor (press m) then click on the material (top left sphere) and go to the diffuse map (in the "maps" rollout)there should be a box with a label something along the lines of "read alpha channel data". Check this box and it should work (as long as you have the correct alpha channels in photoshop)


    Sundjata keita


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