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Thread: Simple modding without tools

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    Question Simple modding without tools?

    It pains me to try and find answers to these simple questions, and i have searched high and low. Here they are:

    - How do you add a building to a faction, that can already be built by other factions (for example, paved roads for barbarians)?

    - Similarly, how do you add a unit?

    The main problem you run into is that you get placeholders instead of the correct building cards on the campaign map. Similarly for units.
    I've found the \export_descr_buildings.txt, and the \text\export_buildings.txt, and i read somewhere that unit/building cards can be found in the \ui directory, but where is that??

    It's just 1 or 2 units/buildings i want to change myself, i do not want to use tools for this (i want to understand).
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    The User Interface folder are inside the UI pak files. You need Vercingetorix's xpak programme (there's a link and tutorials in the Scriptorium) to extract those files and then copy them into your data folder. You can then add the building and unit pictures to the factions and cultures you wish.
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